Drug Testing & Challenges are diagnostic procedures used to identify drug allergies or sensitivities in individuals who may have experienced adverse reactions to medications.

Drug testing typically involves skin prick tests or patch tests using small amounts of the suspected drug or its components. Positive reactions, such as redness, swelling, or itching at the test site, indicate a potential allergy or sensitivity to the drug.

In some cases, drug challenges may be performed under medical supervision to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of drug allergy. During a drug challenge, the patient is given gradually increasing doses of the suspected medication while closely monitoring for signs of an allergic reaction.

Drug testing and challenges are crucial for accurate diagnosis and management of drug allergies, as they help identify specific medications to avoid and determine safe alternatives for treatment.

Our allergists specialize in conducting drug testing and challenges, using standardized protocols and strict safety measures to ensure accurate and reliable results.

By accurately diagnosing drug allergies, we can provide patients with personalized treatment plans and recommendations to help prevent adverse reactions and optimize medication management.

Today to schedule an appointment for drug testing or challenges and take the first step towards better understanding and managing your drug allergies.

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